Add value to your organization through user acquisition & engagement, financial strategy, successful scaling or monetization.

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User Acquisition and Engagement

- Traffic Generation
- ROI Driven User Acquisition
- Increase User Engagement
- Increase Brand Value

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Financial Strategy

- Raising Capital
- Successful Strategic Exits
- Profitability & Cost Containment
- Asset Protection Strategies

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Successfully Scale

- Growth Capital
- Business Process Implementation
- IT Scaling Strategies
- Leverage Existing Assets to Grow Revenue

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- Monetize Traffic, IP, User Data, and Other Intangible Assets
- Increase Revenue Per Active User
- Franchising and Licensing
- Develop New Business Units/Segments


Jason Rager has decades of entrepreneurial experience ranging from start up to successful exit. With a track record of success, Mr. Rager partners with successful technology companies that are uniquely positioned in their respective marketplaces and have exceptional competitive advantages.

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